PMDLangues is a registered language school based in Dordogne, catering for individuals, independent professionals and local companies in the South West of France and beyond.

Who can benefit from our professional language training courses  ?

Any company employee or self-employed worker in France is fully entitled to benefit from hours of subsidized training courses, depending on the nature of their work. The OPCA (Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agrée) is the organisation which, according to the company's activity, will fund professionals' training courses for professionals, as individuals or a group of employees.

As PMDLangues is state-accredited and approved by these financing organisations, we can offer any French company, employee or independent worker a tailor made language course on site or by telephone, entirely funded by their OPCA, or other professional funding organisations (FAFIEC, AGEFICE) they would be affiliated to.

Our language training programmes :

Our professional language courses can be as 1to1 (on-site or by telephone) or for small groups of up to 6 people, but we can also offer a “blended learning” option with e-learning and face to face tutorials. Together, we decide on your language learning objectives , and establish a « training convention » or contract with the company, with a precise curriculum stating the means with which to achieve it.

Our programmes are tailored to the company's needs and expectations and we offer language courses in French, English, Spanish, German and Dutch or any other second language, from beginner to advanced levels.

We do also provide express language sessions of 30 minutes for daily telephone courses .

Registered Centre for ETS Global and BULATS exams.

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Example of our language courses :
FRENCH as a SECOND LANGUAGE for professionals
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1. GENERAL FRENCH for beginner levels A1-A2

By the end of the training course, the trainee:

  • will have gained in self-confidence when communicating in French with  colleagues
  • will be able to formulate greetings, introductions and answer simple inquiries
  • will have  a useful glossary of terms related to his professional activity
  • will be able to use basic grammar structures and tenses (present/past/future) in questions and sentences.
  • will be able to understand and take part in a simple work or life-related conversation with French colleagues

2. BUSINESS FRENCH for IMPROVERS for intermediate levels B1-B2

By the end of the training course, the trainee:

    • will have a good knowledge of grammar and tenses and use structured sentences
    • will hold a conversation at close to normal speed, expressing opinions and interacting more spontaneously with French colleagues in professional and social situations
    • will have acquired a certain confidence in speaking on the phone
    • will be able to exchange emails
    • will have acquired a comprehensive glossary of relevant technical terms
    • will have improved his pronunciation of French
    • will have a good knowledge of cultural faux-pas

3. BUSINESS FRENCH for EXPERTS for advanced levels C1-C2

By the end of the training course, the trainee:

  • will be  fluent, using complex sentence structures and grammar tenses
  • will have identified and corrected recurrent and persisting grammar or pronunciation mistakes
  • will use idioms in the right context
  • will be able to conduct or take part actively in meetings with French colleagues
  • will write formal letters, emails and précis
  • will be able to translate documents or endorse the occasional role of interpreter
  • will solve work issues with colleagues and managers face to face or on the phone
  • will have a good knowledge of cultural differences and act accordingly

Why choose PMDLangues ?

We have been successfully offering language courses to French individuals and foreign newcomers in Dordogne for the last 6 years and have quickly developed our services to « non-French » company employees and « auto-entrepreneurs » wanting to improve their language skills. As a small structure, we are flexible and our geographical proximity (for companies based in the South West of France) means a valuable use of time and efforts for your staff or yourself.

More than a professional requirement, learning French or another language could make a real difference in your working life, social networking and personal integration . Our main goal is to help you achieve this with our training, enhancing your professional competences whilst working on the language frustrations you may currently experience as a non French speaker working in France.

Our bilingual teachers, whose mother tongue is always the target language, are competent and highly experienced. They are particularly attentive to your professional needs and requirements and are there to help you along the way. More than teaching you the language, they will give you the cultural knowledge to help you optimise your work and your life in France in the best possible way.

Download our brochure (in French) here:

Brochure - Formation Professionnelle Dordogne

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